Lake Biwa Resort Cruise

With your precious family and friends.
Would you like to spend an extraordinary holiday in Lake Biwa, Japan?

Hands-On Biwako Sightseeing Cruise

Capacity/max. 12 people
Private charter operation
Experience driving without a marine license
Dogs are welcome on board.

This is Not only sightseeing cruise boat.
Ride like your private boat
Steer the boat on your own!
Passengers also drive the boat on a trip to visit the famous tourist attractions.

Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, is located in Shiga Prefecture.
It is an ancient lake formed about 4 million years ago. In addition,
It is the third oldest lake in the world.

Good access from Kansai-Kinki and Chubu area for the tourists
Please enjoy an extraordinary experience at the historic lake.

Languages can be selected
from the Top menu.

~ Lunch Cruise ~

Lunch & Cafe Cruise by Boat
Resort Beach, 2 to 3 hour course
(DEP/ARR marina)

This is a special plan that allows you to have an extraordinary resort experience, going by boat for lunch and cafe and returning by boat. AFUMI is a popular glamping facility located in an area of Lake Biwa where the water is considered to be the cleanest. You can enjoy an elegant time with your date, a girls' party cruise, or your family.

Lunch cruise to eat ayu fish by boat
Traditional Lake Biwa Taste, 3 hours course
(DEP/ARR marina)

This is an interactive course where everyone drives the cruise boat to enjoy ayu fish. This is a trip on Lake Biwa for adults, family. you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hira Mountain and the tastes of Lake Biwa. This plan is recommended by Glam Cruise.

Reservations must be made at least one day in advance.
Please use the official Glamcruise Biwako Contact form.

~ Sightseeing Cruise ~

GLAM CRUISE Scenic Tour Course

From/to Marina / 30 min. Lake Biwa Bridge, Ukimido Course
From/to Marina / 90 min. Lake Biwa Bridge, Ukimido, Otsu Port Course
From/to Marina / 90min. round trip to Oki Island
From/to Marina / 2 hours Okishima, Shirahige Shrine Course
From/to Marina / 3 hours Shirahige Shrine, Chongno-Shiraishi, Takageshima Course
From/to Kita-Komatsu / 30 min. Shirahige Shrine Course
Kita-Komatsu / 60 min. Shirahige Shrine, Okino Shiraishi Course
Kita-Komatsu / 90 min. Shirahige Shrine, Okino-Shiraishi, Takeshima Island Course

Lake Biwa Cruise 30 min.
(DEP/ARR marina)

When you come to Lake Biwa, how about adding to cruise on your travel plan? We offer from 30 minute short cruise. We will guide you on a chartered boat. Once you start the cruise, you will experience the vastness of Lake Biwa.

Lake Biwa Power Spots cruise 3 hours course
(DEP/ARR marina)

Boat trip to power spots. Long-distance cruising from the Lake Biwa Bridge to Shirahige Shrine, offshore Shiraishi and Takage Island. Enjoy the mysterious Lake Biwa that can only be reached by boat. This is a long cruise, so you will be able to drive the boat as you wish, giving you the feeling of being in a private boat.

AFUMI RESORT" scenic cruise
(DEP/ARR Kita Komatsu)

This is a private cruise exclusively for guests of AFUMI Kitakomatsu (stay at the hotel and café). Board from the sandy beach in front of the facility.
Guests only using the café can also board the ship.
30-minute cruise AFUMI - Shirahige Shrine
60 minute cruise AFUMI - Shirahige Shrine - Okino-Shiraishi
90-minute cruise AFUMI - Shirahige Shrine - Okino-Shiraishi - Takejima Island
For more information, please click on the banner.

Ayu Cuisine Biwako Shosui" Cruise
(DEP/ARR Kita Komatsu)

Shosui, a long-established restaurant serving ayu (sweetfish) , is located in front of the KITA Komatsu Beach.
30-minute cruise Shosui - Shirahige Shrine
60 minute cruise Shosui - Shirahige Shrine - OKINO-SHIRAISHI
90 minute cruise Shosui - Shirahige Shrine - Okino- Shiraishi - Takeshima Island
For more information, please click on the banner.

Reservations must be made at least one day in advance.
Please use the official Glamcruise Biwako Contact form.

~ Cruise with your dogs ~

Cruising Lake Biwa with your dog

Cruising on Lake Biwa is a great way to share wonderful memories with your dog. As the boat is chartered, your dog can move freely on the boat deck. Dogs are also welcome on board as long as they wear manners pants. Please enjoy the cruise with your dog to commemorate his/her birthday, at pet store events, or in a pet dog community circle.

~ Party Cruise ~

Make it memorable with your loved ones.
Tailor Made Charter Cruises
(DEP/ARR port : selectable)

The time spent on the ship will remain in your mind as a beautiful memory. We offer custom-made services for various types of onboard parties, such as birthday parties, graduation anniversaries, girls' parties, cross-industrial exchange parties, matchmaking parties, and onboard BBQs. At GLAMCRUISE, we work as one with you to share your memories and propose a wonderful cruising experience.


Battery level OK on phone?

Lake Biwa is full of stylish cafes and scenery that makes you want to take lots of pictures and videos. But when you go cruising on Lake Biwa, you may find that your phone battery is running low...

Cruising Cooperation Companies Wanted!

  Why not take advantage of a cruise ship? We would like many people to experience an extraordinary experience through cruising. We are looking for facilities and companies that are willing to cooperate with us...

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