Going to eat ayu fish dishes by boat
Ayu Cuisine Biwako Shosui
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View of Mt. Hira from the lake and
Enjoy the taste of Lake Biwa
Lake Biwa Trip" for tourists

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Ayu fish cuisine with a history of over 50 years: Biwako Shosui
This course is recommended by GLAM CRUISE BIWAKO.

\\You will grill and eat sweetfish, eel, etc. by yourself//.
We will give you extra Free 1 hour to the 2 hours basic pan,
The entire tour takes 3 hours (2 hours local stay) and you can spend your time at your leisure.
This is Glam Cruise Special Plan.

Ayu fish cuisine tour, which takes about 3 hours
(1 hour round trip by boat / 2 hours for ayu fish dishes at Shosui)
Fee 48,400 yen (special fee)
Charter one boat (same rate for up to 12 passengers)
Cruise fare for 10 people is about 4,800 yen per person

Ayu cuisine Shosui meal is not included.
Food cost is from 3,850 yen for a course
Average around 5,000 yen per person

Boarding place : Marina Olive
Dogs are allowed (reservation required)

Customers also drive cruise boat.
Biwako Shosui, a long-established ayu fish restaurant

You don't need to have a marine license to drive our cruise ship. This will be a valuable experience for you with wonderful memories.
No age limit for driving
*In case of bad weather conditions, it is not possible to drive.
Captain always assists your driving.

Children can also drive.

If you drive the boat while looking at the route map displayed on the ship's navigation display, you will arrive at your destination without hesitation.

Grill the meal by yourself
It's a hands-on style.

Each table is equipped with a gas grill. Please enjoy ayu fish grilled with salt by yourself.

Ayu fish, eel, and other tastes of Lake Biwa
You can enjoy it in the course

Ayu fish is also known as "fragrant fish", and at Shousui serves it grilled with salt to enjoy its fragrance. English name [ SWEET FISH]

Ayu fish is soft and tender.
You can eat the whole bone.

The soft ayu fish will be available only during the fall season.

Also grill the eels by yourselves.

It is grilled on the stove while being coated with sauce. The savory smell is irresistible.

Freshly baked eels
Crispy and excellent!

The taste of the hot eel bowl, which you grill yourself, is exquisite itself.

Grilled eel and sweetfish course
4,290 Yen (tax included)

Appetizer, ayu, eel, rice, and shijimi clam soup. Recommended for those who want to eat both ayu and eel.

Omi Skewer Course
3,850 Yen (tax included)

Appetizer, Omi beef, eel, omakase skewers, rice, pickles and shijimi clam soup.

Grilled eel and skewer course
3,850 Yen (tax included)

Appetizer, omakase skewers, rice, pickles and shijimi clam soup.

Regular Course
5,500 yen (tax included)

Appetizer, ayu, small ayu fish tempura, carp sashimi or trout carpaccio, ayu fish nanbanzuke, eel, rice, pickles, jijimi soup or carp roe.

Top Grilled eel bowl Course
4,290 Yen (tax included)

Appetizer, eel, rice, and shijimi clam soup.
In addition, grilled hitsu-mabushi course is also available for ¥3,960 (tax included).

For orders of ¥3,850 or more
Free ayu fish catching experience

From the end of April to the end of October
SHOSUI will release the number of ayu fish ordered in the cooking course into the pond in the facility and experience grabbing ayu fish by hand. The ayu fish you catch will be grilled and served in your guest room. Even if you couldn't catch ayu, you will be provided with the number of ayu you ordered, so even small children can try with no worries.

Feeding the carp
Feed costs only 50 yen.

The bowls are filled with food, so children can enjoy themselves to the fullest. If you want to feed the fish more, it is only 50 yen, so parents can also save money. Ayu fish cuisine Biwako Shosui is prepared to provide a pleasant and relaxing environment for the customers.

Enjoy the taste of Lake Biwa to the fullest and
Return to the marina by cruise ship

If you have time before departure, please enjoy walking on the sandy beach. During the summer swimming season, you can extend your cruise ship charter time and swim in Lake Biwa right in front of you.

Driving the boat to destination
Grilling and grabbing ayu fish
Everything is hands-on.

For your special day
We look forward to serving you.