Glamping & Cruising
Fusion of two OUTDOORS

Experience the atmosphere of glamping on a boat.
Glam Cruise was born from this concept.

Cruising on Lake Biwa

It would be a waste to come to Lake Biwa and not take a boat ride. While there are more active activities such as wakeboarding and jet skiing, Glam Cruise operates a stylish cruiser for a small group of up to 12 passengers. If anything, it is a boat that offers a celebrity experience that incorporates glamping elements that are Instagram-worthy: having a BBQ, birthday party, tea ceremony, and other things you can do on land, but on a boat. Eating lunch under the sun is twice as tasty as having it on land. GLAM CRUISE hopes to provide such a special space to as many people as possible.
Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, occupies 1/6 of Shiga Prefecture
GLAM CRUISE is available for private charter, so you and your family or friends can enjoy the scenery from the lake at your leisure. In addition, Glam Cruise Biwako allows passengers, including children, to experience driving a cruise ship. No license is required. You can enjoy the most extraordinary experience as you drive the boat to your destination by yourself.

The special feeling of boating for everyone.

My name is Matsumoto, President of Alpha International Inc. and I have been selling pleasure boats mainly on Lake Biwa for over 15 years. The special feeling that only boat owners can experience is extraordinary. We have also started a new cruise business with the aim of enabling as many people as possible to experience this pleasure. In Japan, there are oceans and lakes just a short drive away. Yet, Japanese people are not very good at boating. I hope that this kind of experience on Lake Biwa, a large lake, will help popularize boating throughout the country. Unlike large sightseeing boats, the most attractive thing about boating is that you can directly feel the light and wind of nature, and you can even drive the boat. Please enjoy a relaxing boat trip with your family, friends, dog, or other loved ones.

Alpha International Inc.
Representative Director Naotsugu Matsumoto
3-5-13 Nagao Kagu-cho, Hirakata, Osaka 573-0102, Japan
Bureau of Transportation Domestic Tramper Service Notified Business Operator
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Boats for sale
The boat (pontoon boat) used for our cruise ship has been sold nationwide for many years. Corporations can own them with a 4-year amortization.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your purchase.