One of the few cruise boats where you can ride with your dog


Grand Cruise Lake Biwa is a cruise ship that offers a special and extraordinary experience for everyone. We offer cruises ranging from a 30-minute experience to longer cruises.

The cruise ship is also available for pet store events, dog-loving communities, and other group cruises with dogs. Furthermore, since the cruise ship is a hands-on type of charter cruise ship, you can actually experience driving a cruise ship even if you do not have a marine license.

The recommended course is a cruise to Shirahige Shrine.

Shirahige Shrine, as the name suggests, is a popular power spot as the god of longevity.

From the offshore side of Otorii Gate "Praying for the health and long life of my dog and all of you".

Capacity: 12 persons (flat rate for charter)
Fees vary depending on the boarding time.
There is no charge for dogs.

"Awesome cruise with your dog."

Would you like to share an irreplaceable experience with your dog?

The vessel will be chartered, so you can spend your time without hesitation.

Glam Cruise Biwako luxury boat
The flat floor makes it easy for dogs to walk,
Safe boarding and disembarking from the front gate, even on sandy beaches.
The same rate will be applied to a maximum of 12 people.
If you ride with a large group, the cost per person can be reduced.
Cruising is available for groups of dogs at pet store events, dog-loving communities, and other events.