Recruitment of cruise partners

Why not take advantage of cruise ships?

We would like many people to experience an extraordinary experience through cruising. We are looking for facilities and companies that are willing to cooperate with us.
Would you like to launch an elegant cruise ship for your customers?
Grand Cruise Lake Biwa will operate a sightseeing boat.

Business establishments that handle travel and groups are also welcome to use this service.
If a boat can dock at a facility near the lakeside, you can board the boat from there. There is no need to go all the way to an existing large sightseeing boat terminal. Our Grand Cruise boats can generally access places that are inaccessible to regular sightseeing boats.


We have been importing and selling boats for over 15 years.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss owning your own pontoon boat.
Corporations can expect tax savings through depreciation.

Possible to berth on sandy beaches, etc.

The boats we use have a special shape that allows them to sail in shallow water that normal cruisers cannot enter. The depth of the water is approximately knee-deep, which makes it accessible. You can board our boats at sandy beaches or other nearby berthing locations.

Dogs are allowed together.

Many guests come to Lake Biwa with their dogs. You and your dog can share the same experience while enjoying the breeze together. The cruise can be used in any way you like, from event cruises for pet stores to community use for pet owners.

Common in hotels abroad

Many hotels in overseas resorts have pontoon boats like those owned by our company. Pontoon boats have a near-barrier-free structure and are characterized by less rolling and less susceptibility to seasickness. The front and center boarding gates are both wide, and there are no steps inside the boat. This makes the boat suitable for small children and wheelchair users. We would be happy if companies operating hotels, inns, cafes, restaurants, campgrounds, and other facilities on or near Lake Biwa would make use of this service.

Provide experiences that enhance corporate value

Grand Cruise Lake Biwa is operated on a single boat charter basis, and the price is the same whether you are traveling alone or with 12 passengers. In addition to the regular charter operation, companies can decide the departure time and share the fare with other companies to reduce the cost per person. This is a great way to retain your customers by offering them a GROUP cruise at a reasonable price. Your customers will feel that they have had a wonderful holiday with your company. We would be happy to propose the extraordinary experience of cruising to our customers.

As the marina is based near the Lake Biwa Bridge, some departure/arrival facilities in the northern part of the lake may incur additional costs for turning around (turning around). Also, there are areas that are susceptible to wind and waves, and areas where berthing is not allowed due to ordinances and other reasons.

We also offer courses such as the "Power Spot Tour on a Resort Boat," which is popular among overseas customers. Business establishments that cater to inbound tourists are also welcome to take advantage of this service.

Cooperating Companies Wanted

If you are interested in cooperating with us, please feel free to contact us. We can also create original cruise courses tailored to the characteristics of your company and the needs of your customers.
To contact us, please use the official LINE on our website or the mail form on the Contact us page.

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