*Reservations must be made at least one day in advance.

There are two boarding locations.

The boat departs from the pier of "Marina Olive" near Lake Biwa Bridge.

  • 312-12 Ono, Otsu-shi, Shiga 520-0525
  • Paid parking available: 1,100 yen per car
  • Parking space is limited. If you have more than one car, please come in a vehicle as much as possible.


(Ayu Cuisine Shosui)

 North side of Omi Maiko

For inquiries about GLAMCRUISE BIWAKO

  • Alpha International Inc.
  • 3-5-13 Nagao Kagu-cho, Hirakata, Osaka 573-0102, Japan
  • Mail :. info@glamcruise.jp

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Traffic jam avoidance advice for those coming from Osaka and Kyoto area

Check traffic congestion on the 161st Pipeline in advance with your car navigation system, Google Maps, etc.

If there is significant traffic congestion in the arrowed area, the following route will provide a relatively smooth ride.

Once you get off at the Shimosakamoto ramp, stay in the left lane.

Travel under the bypass and go up again at Sakamoto North.

After rejoining, there is a little traffic but not enough to cause stress.

Get off at Shimosakamoto and go up at Sakamoto Kita.

Upon arrival at the marina, please follow the order below.

AFUMI Kitakomatsu, please use the cafe parking lot or the Kitakomatsu parking lot.