Now you can board from in front of AFUMI KITAKOMATSU, not only for guests staying at AFUMI, but also for customers who only use the cafe.

Boats will not come to this area without a reservation.

Please make a reservation at least one day in advance through our official LINE or inquiry form.

[New Lake Biwa Playground]

AFUMI KITAKOMATSU is an excellent location as a base for enjoying Lake Biwa RESORT as it is close to Biwako Hakodate Mountain, Lake Biwa Terrace, Shirahige Shrine, and Shiraishi offshore, which can only be reached by boat.

We hope you will include Grand Cruise Lake Biwa in your travel plans and enjoy Shiga to the fullest.


[For water bikes and pleasure boats]

Many people play on the waterfront at the Kitakomatsu Swimming Beach, where AFUMI arrives and departs. Grand Cruise Lake Biwa is a non-scheduled excursion boat that has notified the Bureau of Transportation of its route and safety management regulations.

There are safety rules regarding where and how to take off and land. The landing space of Grand Cruise Lake Biwa is set up with the cooperation of AFUMI and Kita-Komatsu Community Association so that everyone can enjoy the sandy beach safely.

AFUMI RESORT is located in a restricted marine navigation area and swimming zone, so please refrain from coming by watercraft (jet skis) as in other swimming areas. Please come by car as there are parking lots at AFUMI RESORT and North Komatsu Swimming Beach. We ask for your cooperation for the safety of everyone who uses the beach.