"Awesome cruise with your dog."

Would you like to share an irreplaceable experience with your dog?

The vessel will be chartered, so you can spend your time without hesitation.
For your dog's birthday or to commemorate a trip.

Glam Cruise Biwako luxury boat
The flat floor makes it easy for dogs to walk,
Safe boarding and disembarking from the front gate, even on sandy beaches.
For Afumi / Matsunoura Villa guests
You can board the boat with the dogs from the beach in front of the facility.
Other customers are
(South area)Marina Olive
(North Area)North Komatsu Beach
You can board the ship from
The same rate will be applied to a maximum of 12 people.
If you ride with a large group, the cost per person can be reduced.
For Pet store events, dog lover communities, etc.
You can cruise with your dogs in a group.

One of the few cruise boats where you can ride with your dog

Glam Cruise Biwako is a cruise ship that offers you a special and extraordinary experience.
Why not have a wonderful experience with your dog?
We can accommodate 30-minute experience cruises as well as longer cruises around famous spots.
The recommended course is a cruise to Shirahige Shrine. As the name suggests, Shirahige Shrine is a popular power spot as the god of longevity. You and your dog can view the shrine from the offshore side of the Otorii Gate.
Capacity: 12 persons (flat rate for charter)
Fees vary depending on the boarding time.
There is no charge for dogs.

~ Reference Cruise Plan
AFUMI Kita-Komatsu (arrival/departure)
Kita-Komatsu - Shirahige Shrine round trip
Time required: 30 min.
Price 29,700 yen (tax included)

Matsunoura Villa (arrival and departure)
MatsunoUra - Shirahige Shrine round trip
Duration 60 min.
Price 39,600 yen (tax included)

We invite you to share wonderful memories with your beloved dog.
Private charter operation just for you

Boarding from in front of your accommodation

Guests staying at lakeside accommodations on Lake Biwa (affiliated companies) can board in front of their accommodations if they make a reservation for cruising.
Cooperating Facilities AFUMI / Matsunoura Villa
*Please make a reservation directly with us at least one day in advance.
*For reservations, the official LINE below is convenient.
*Wearing manner pants is a requirement for dog boarding.
*Please also see below for precautions regarding puppies.

You can also board from our departure and arrival points (Marina Olive or Kita Komatsu Beach).