Lunch & Cafe by Boat
RESORT Celebrity Experience Tour
DEP/ARR Marina Olive

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Lunch & Cafe plan for about 2 hours for the entire tour
(1 hour round trip by boat / 1 hour at beaching & cafe)
Fee 48,400 yen
Charter one boat (same rate for up to 12 passengers)
EX) 10 people group, it'll be about 4,800 yen per person
Lunch and cafe fees are not included.
Recommended for those who want to relax on the sandy beach.

Lunch & Cafe plan for about 3 hours in total
(1 hour round trip by boat / 2 hours at beaching & cafe)
Fee 57,200 yen
EX) 10 people group, it'll be about 5,700 yen per person
Lunch and cafe fees are not included.

Boarding place : Marina Olive

Excitement for new experiences
Glamping Resort

AFUMI has 12 glamping accommodations on a large site of approximately 8,500 square meters. The name AFUMI was taken from the ancient name of Lake Biwa, "AWAUMI: OUMI. This resort plan is a boat cruise to such a beautiful location full of nature, which can be said to be the origin of the resort, to lunch and a cafe.

Children can drive on the way
Enjoy a SPECIAL experience!

Since this is a private cruise boat, passengers can steer the boat if they wish. This is a valuable experience for young children to be able to drive a real boat.
*Operation is possible only when our specified safe water area and weather conditions are met.
The captain will always provide driving support.

All passengers drive to the cafe.
Experience like a celebrity.

If you drive the boat while looking at the route map displayed on the ship's navigation display, you will arrive at your destination without hesitation.

Approximately 30 minutes cruise each way

Arrive at AFUMI in about 30 minutes with beautiful views of the Hira mountains.

Popular food menu.
In the best location.

You can order your meals and drinks at this beautiful building located at the entrance of the facility. We have a variety of other menu items including "Shiragintei," a famous sweet and spicy curry restaurant in Osaka with a long waiting line of customers, and "Kimito Coffee," a home-roasted coffee shop in Hikone.

Open deck with a resort-like atmosphere

You can enjoy your meal or cafe on the deck with a pleasant lake view that will make you feel like you are in a tropical country. Seating is limited, so depending on the day of the week and time of day, it may not be possible to secure a seat right away. One table per group is requested. In case of a large group, we will guide you to the exclusive seats for Grand Cruise Lake Biwa.

10:00 - 16:00
FOOD 15:00 ■ DRINK 15:30
4 types of curry
Over Rice 3 types

There are four types of curry: plain, cheese, vegetable, and steak.
Three types of rice dishes are available: chicken over rice, hamburger steak over rice, and steak over rice using Shiga Prefecture's Takashima specialty, tonchan.

On a beautiful beach in North Komatsu.
Dedicated space

There are only a few sets of tables for 2-4 people in the AFUMI Cafe. Basically, there is only one table for one group. Therefore, during peak season such as weekends, holidays, and GW, we will prepare seats for up to 12 people on the beach in front of the cafe for the exclusive use of Grand Cruise Lake Biwa.

Special seats on the resort place

You can rest assured that children playing in the water area can be supervised while you enjoy your meal. The boats are anchored at the beach and have refrigerators and changing rooms so that you can enjoy the resort at your leisure. You can take out your meals from the café.

Cleanest water area in Lake Biwa
Stay at North Komatsu Beach

If you have time , a walk on the beach is recommended.
There are plenty of trees and shaded areas for a pleasant stay. You can also enjoy lake bathing on the beach in front of AFUMI.

Boat stays on the beach during the meal.

Basically, boats wait in a dedicated space for about one hour.
There may be times when we may leave temporarily for refueling or other reasons.
*The Boarding Location may change depending on the season and weather, but it is within the walkable distance.

To eat lunch
Go by boat.
Return by boat.
Please enjoy such an extraordinary experience.
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Lunch menus are available in limited quantities. It would be relatively smooth if you decide on a menu in advance and let us know what you would like to order before departure.

Goup trip, date, family, etc.
Have a special day!
Reservation is required for boarding