Lake Biwa Trip" for tourists

Cruise to/from North Komatsu

Ayu fish cuisine "Biwako Shosui
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One-group charter cruise operation
Flat rate for a maximum of 12 persons
Shosui, a unique taste of Lake Biwa
Lake Biwa spread out before and after your meal.
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[Biwako Shosui ] Arrival/Departure Course


Located in front of the North Komatsu Boarding beach.
Shosui, an interactive ayu fish restaurant

You can grill and eat ayu (sweetfish) and eel by yourself on the stove installed at your table. Although it is only available for a limited time, there is a river in the spacious facility, and in summer you can try your hand at grabbing ayu fish. There is also a fish pond where you can fish for carp (unlimited time), so everyone from children to the elderly can spend a relaxing time here.

Many courses of ayu fish dishes

In addition to the standard sweetfish course and the sweetfish course, you can also order a seven-piece sweetfish course and other courses to suit your needs.
The menu changes between summer and winter.
The course price of the meal is around 5,000 yen per person.
If you want to enjoy the unique taste of Lake Biwa, this is the place for you.
Please refer to the website of "Lake Biwa Shosui" for menus and prices. Please find the link banner at the bottom of our website.



Per person equivalent if 10 people ride together
Approximately 3,000-5,000 yen boarding fee

30 minute cruise
29,700 Shosui - Shirahige Shrine
60-minute cruise
39,600 Shosui - Shirahige Shrine - Oki no Shiraishi
90-minute cruise
49,500 Shosui - Shirahige Shrine - Oki no Shiraishi - Take Island
Charter fee for one vessel regardless of the number of guests.
Capacity of 12 persons (chartered operation)
If 10 people ride together, the cost per person is about 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen.
Meals are not included.
*Reservations must be made at least one day in advance.

30-minute cruise highlights
Famous for its power spots
Shirahige Shrine

As the name suggests, Shirahige Shrine is a power spot on Lake Biwa where the god of longevity is worshipped. The large torii gate standing in the water gives it an air of elegance. You can see it from the offshore side. It will be a perfect photo spot.

60-minute cruise highlights
Mysteries of Lake Biwa accessible only by boat

Oki no Shiraishi, a power spot rising in the middle of Lake Biwa. It is one of the four islands in Lake Biwa. The depth of the water at the location where the boat is located is about 80 m. From there, the rock rises sharply and sticks its head out about 20 m. The rock is about 100 meters above the lake bottom. How did this happen? I feel the awesomeness of nature.

90-minute cruise highlights
Takejima Island, with its diverse scenery

The entire island is the precincts of a temple, and in the past it was called "Takeshima" (bamboo island) because of the abundance of bamboo growing wild. When the island is viewed from different angles, the scenery is diverse. The name "Takeshima" was changed to "Takkeijima" (多景島) because of its scenery.

When using Biwako SHOSUI
A little bit more mature "Lake Biwa Trip
We hope you enjoy it.
*Reservations must be made at least one day in advance.

z Please make your boarding reservations directly with Glam Cruise Biwako.
z Cruise reservations are not accepted at Ayu Cuisine Shosui.
z Reservations can be made conveniently through the official LINE below.
z The boarding fee is to be paid on board the ship on the day of the cruise.
  Cash, cards, PAYPAY, etc. are accepted.

〇 毎週水曜日、木曜日は定休日となり運休(季節により異なる)
Pregnant women and infants are not allowed on board for safety reasons. In any case, passengers who cannot wear life jackets are not allowed on board.
z Unfortunately, the service will be cancelled in the event of bad weather due to rain or strong winds.
  The decision to operate or cancel the tour will be made one to two days prior to the event.
z If the weather suddenly changes or is expected to change on the day of the tour, the tour may be cancelled during the tour. Please understand this in advance.
z Life jackets are available from 80 cm in height.
z For other precautions, please see "Precautions for Embarkation" at the bottom of this page.