AFUMI KITAKOMATSU arrival and departure
Lake Biwa Cruising

Glamping Resort AFUMI, a new experience that will make your heart beat faster
To provide even higher sound to customers using our facilities
Launched Grand Cruise Lake Biwa charter boats.
Customers who only use the AFUMI Cafe can also board the ship.

Natural light and wind in front of you

AFUMI is a glamping facility located in an area of Lake Biwa where the water is considered to be the cleanest. We have prepared a cruising option for guests staying at the facility or using the café. You and your dog can enjoy cruising together.

On a luxury boat
Elegant cruising on Lake Biwa

We will take you on a cruise ship featuring soft leather seats. Drink holders and tables are provided so that you can enjoy cruising with your own food and beverages in the AFUMI facilities.

Cruising with your dog

You can enjoy an exhilarating cruise with your precious family dog. However, please note that the wearing of mannered pants is a prerequisite for this tour. Please bring a pair of mannequin pants that matches your dog's body shape. For the safety of your energetic dog, please keep him or her on a leash and supervise him or her.

Boarding from the beach in front of AFUMI

Boats depart from and arrive at AFUMI's private sandy beach. During the lake bathing season (July-August), the departure and arrival points are slightly different, but within walking distance.

Feel the light and wind of Lake Biwa
Exhilarating cruising.

Children over 80 cm in height are allowed on board.
Add cruising to your AFUMI Glamping RESORT experience and you have the perfect holiday.

Children can drive on the way
Enjoy a SPECIAL experience!

Since this is a private cruise boat, passengers can steer the boat if they wish. This is a valuable experience for young children to be able to drive a real boat.
Due to speed limitations, it may not be possible to go around the scheduled course.
*Operation is possible only when our specified safe water area and weather conditions are met.
The captain will always provide driving support.

30-minute cruise highlights
Famous for its power spots
Shirahige Shrine

As the name suggests, Shirahige Shrine is a power spot on Lake Biwa where the god of longevity is worshipped. The large torii gate standing in the water gives it an air of elegance. You can see it from the offshore side. It will be a perfect photo spot.

60-minute cruise highlights
Mysteries of Lake Biwa accessible only by boat

Oki no Shiraishi, a power spot rising in the middle of Lake Biwa. It is one of the four islands in Lake Biwa. The depth of the water at the location where the boat is located is about 80 m. From there, the rock rises sharply and sticks its head out about 20 m. The rock is about 100 meters above the lake bottom. How did this happen? I feel the awesomeness of nature.

90-minute cruise highlights
Takejima Island, with its diverse scenery

The entire island is the precincts of a temple, and in the past it was called "Takeshima" (bamboo island) because of the abundance of bamboo growing wild. When the island is viewed from different angles, the scenery is diverse. The name "Takeshima" was changed to "Takkeijima" (多景島) because of its scenery.

(For hotel guests only)
Cruise Rates
Private charter operation

30-minute cruise
27,500 yen AFUMI - Shirahige Shrine
60-minute cruise
■ ¥37,400 AFUMI - Shirahige Shrine - Oki no Shiraishi
90-minute cruise
47,300 yen AFUMI - Shirahige Shrine - Oki no Shiraishi - Takage Island

Charter fee for one vessel regardless of the number of guests. Capacity of 12 persons
If 10 passengers, per person equivalent: approx. 2,700 yen to 4,700 yen
*Reservations must be made at least one day in advance.

(For customers using the cafe only)
Cruise Rates
Charter cruise on the vast Lake Biwa

30-minute cruise
29,700 yen AFUMI - Shirahige Shrine
60-minute cruise
39,600 yen AFUMI - Shirahige Shrine - Oki no Shiraishi
90-minute cruise
49,500 yen AFUMI - Shirahige Shrine - Oki no Shiraishi - Takage Island

Charter fee for one vessel regardless of the number of guests. Capacity of 12 persons
If 10 passengers, per person equivalent: approx. 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen
*Reservations must be made at least one day in advance.
*You will need to present your receipt for the café to board the ship.
*You may be asked to move your car to the adjacent North Komatsu Swimming Area.

In addition to AFUMI Glamping
Enjoy the most extraordinary experience.

For cruising reservations, please contact us by clicking the "Add Official LINE Friend" link at the bottom of this website.
(Note: We can also accommodate cruising before check-in and after check-out, but we cannot keep your luggage at the facility. You can either return them to your car or bring them to the boat.
(Note: AFUMI transportation customers will not be accepted for pick-up outside of scheduled hours.
Operating hours: 09:00 - last flight departs at 15:30 (depending on season)
Every Thursday : No service (service is available on Thursdays that are national holidays)
However, no closing days during the high season in July, August, and September.

Tour of Lake Biwa Power Spots by Boat

Shirahige Shrine
white stones off the coast of Japan ■ off the coast of Japan
■Takkeshima Island (90 min. course)

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AFUMI KITAKOMATSU Departure and Arrival
We look forward to welcoming you aboard.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

When making a reservation or sending an inquiry, please clearly state that you are an "AFUMI" customer.

Please note that the following is not included in the price.
Please note that due to the nature of the charter operation, we may not be able to accommodate your requested reservation slots.
Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
If the weather is expected to be bad, we may suggest a change to another time slot.
We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Pregnant women and infants are not allowed on board for safety reasons. Guests who cannot wear life jackets for any reason will not be allowed on board.
Unfortunately, the service will be suspended in the event of bad weather conditions such as rain or strong winds.
 We will make a decision on whether to operate or cancel the tour the day before or two days prior to the tour. If the weather suddenly changes on the day of the tour, the tour may be cancelled at the last minute. Please understand this in advance.
Life jackets are available for people from 80 cm in height.
For other precautions, please see "Precautions for Embarkation" at the bottom of this page.