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\\ A shipboard resort for an elegant vacation //

Have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

GLAM CRUISE operates on a private charter basis so that you can spend your time without hesitation. You can relax and enjoy your important anniversaries and dates with us. Customers can also drive the cruise boat, so that the two of you can work together to get the boat to your destination. Boats are available for as little as 30 minutes. You can choose the plan that best suits your budget and everyone's needs.

The captain will always be available to assist you.

Also, how about having a girls' night out on the boat with a maximum capacity of 12 people at the same rate? In summer, we also have a plan to take you to a beautiful beach to enjoy a dip in the lake. If you need to change your clothes, there is a simple changing room on board.

Not only can you spend your time on the boat, but you can also stay on the beach and enjoy BBQ or whatever you wish.

As a rule, we ask that you bring your own food and beverages for the BBQ, but we can also arrange for catering from a BBQ specialist with whom we have a partnership.

The ship will be a luxury chartered cruise ship with a maximum capacity of 12 people, so it will be useful for blind dates, cross-industrial exchange parties, etc., in addition to girls' parties.

The rocking of the boat in the great outdoors, combined with the suspension bridge effect, will bring you closer together.

We hope that customers and offices planning parties will use Grand Cruise Lake Biwa for their private parties.