Kinki (Osaka, Kyoto) There are many sightseeing spots to play in the Kansai region, but how about taking it easy once in a while and experiencing an extraordinary natural experience at Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture?

The greatest attraction of GALM CRUISE BIWAKO

(1) Private charter service (capacity of 12 persons) for a carefree stay

(2) Customers can also drive a boat (no license required / no age limit)

3) Doggies are allowed on board.

You will feel as if you own the ship.

You can drive the boat to your destination, play on the beach, have lunch, and enjoy things you cannot experience in urban tourist spots.

Grand Cruise Lake Biwa Charter Boat GLAM CRUISE

Please spend an unusual and extraordinary time at Lake Biwa for your anniversary, family, or friends.