*Non-licensed customers may drive in safe waters and under safe weather conditions.

A special experience for everyone!

The 30-minute excursion course from/to Marina OLIVE cannot be driven by customers because of the narrow waters with many other vessels coming and going.

You can enjoy the driving experience only on some sections of the north-bound course (toward AFUMI and Shirahige) for more than 1 hour.

Can operate from/to North Komatsu even from a 30-minute cruise.

A special experience only available on chartered voyages.

Dads, moms, and children, everyone must work together to make the boat run.

For your safety, the captain will support you at all times.

There are plenty of sightseeing boats that you can just take a ride on.

Grand Cruise Lake Biwa operates its boats so that guests can enjoy a special resort experience as if they were on their own private boat.

* For safety reasons, we do not allow customers to operate vessels in waters where navigation is restricted in accordance with the "Shiga Prefecture Water Safety Ordinance on Lake Biwa" and the "Ordinance on the Appropriate Use of Lake Biwa for Recreational Purposes". The captain will operate the boat when taking off from or landing on shore or when there are many other vessels on the lake.

In addition, passengers who have been drinking are not allowed to drive.