GLAM CRUISE's No.1 popular cruising plan

Of course, this is a private charter service for everyone.

A resort experience plan where clients drive their boats to lunch.

This plan is most frequently used by families with children and girls traveling together.

About 30 minutes from Kyoto Station by train. The resort experience is about 1 hour by car!

Lunch facilities are available at a choice of two locations. Food and beverages are not included in the cruise fare. Please pay directly at the local establishment.

AFUMI Cafe has a resort-like atmosphere.

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For those who come to the freshwater Lake Biwa and want a local taste, ayu fish cuisine is recommended.

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You will board from the marina near the Lake Biwa Bridge. Nearest Station [ Ono Station on JR Kosei Line ].

It is close to Osaka and Kyoto, so why not take a short trip when you travel to the Kansai region?

After departure, passengers take turns driving the boat!

For young children, the experience of driving a real boat is truly an adventure.

The captain will maneuver the vessel within the harbor, in restricted waters, and in areas where there are many other vessels.

I didn't know Lake Biwa had such beautiful water.

Many of our guests say so.

Since 1977, when a freshwater red tide occurred on a large scale, the people of Shiga Prefecture have been making efforts to protect the environment through campaigns such as the "soap movement," a movement to avoid using detergents that deteriorate the quality of the water. Later, this movement led to the enactment of the Shiga Prefecture Basic Environmental Ordinance, and every July 1 is "Lake Biwa Day," a day for cleaning up the lake on a large scale.

Especially here in Kita-Komatsu and Minami-Komatsu (Omi-Maiko), the water is always clean, partly because it flows in from Mt.


Depending on the purpose of your trip and the members of your party, you can enjoy both Western and Japanese lunch cruises.

Which would you choose? If you are a tourist from abroad, we recommend ayu (sweetfish) cuisine, which is a tradition of Lake Biwa.

If you still have time to depart after your meal, we invite you to relax on this beautiful sandy beach of North Komatsu.

I think you will enjoy the extraordinary experience so much that you will not want to leave.

In the summer, a freshwater swimming area is attached to the lake, so you can also enjoy a dip in the lake. The water is about ankle-deep, but there are many small fish in the area, so children are welcome.

The scale is not a large sandy beach, so it is recommended to go by boat in the summer because it is a struggle with full parking lots and traffic jams.

With boats, there are no full cars or traffic jams.

Enjoy the celebrity-like resort experience of driving the boat to the restaurant to eat, and then returning by boat to the restaurant after eating.

It's not easy to go to Okinawa or Hawaii, but you can go to Lake Biwa in no time.

About 30 minutes from Kyoto Station by train. The resort experience is about 1 hour by car!

Charter Cruise Fees

48,400 yen (1 boat charter) up to 12 passengers

The cost of the cruise is about 8,000 yen per person for a party of six. Lunch will be added to this.

This year, why not try a slightly richer, more elegant girls' trip or a graduation commemoration aboard the ship?

Please visit GLAM CRUISE BIWAKO for a day trip from Kansai.

Cruising is by reservation only.

Please contact us at least one day prior to your visit.

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