The boat is equipped with a gas-powered authentic grill.

Weber Q1250 (Japanese gas safety standard compliant)

The lid makes it easy to grill even thick meats.

It is not a yakiniku style of grilling and eating.

It is cooked on the ship's grill and served on plates in authentic BBQ style.

It is fashionable to set up tables and chairs on the sandy beach for resort day camping.

Tables and chairs are loaded on the ship and can be used at any time.

Of course, you can also eat on the boat.

To prevent burns and accidents, the grill may only be used when the boat is parked on the beach or pier.

Please bring your own food, beverages, plates, cups, and other BBQ necessities.

Grand Cruises only rents equipment such as BBQ grills, gas, tables, chairs, etc.

Refrigerators are available on board.

These rental fees are a +5,500 yen option.

No need to bring in any heavy equipment.

There is no need to make a troublesome fire.

I think it is easy to use for a girls' night out because you can have a stylish BBQ if you only bring in food-related items.

The plan is to go to the nearest sandy beach from the departure marina,

Cruise fare 29,700 yen (30 min. round trip)

Beach vessel storage fee 4,400 yen (every 30 min.)

Grill-related fee 5,500 yen

Up to 12 persons can be accommodated.

Please enjoy the standard "BBQ by boat on a sandy beach" at overseas resorts.