Boat Party on Lake Biwa

Charter cruises for groups.

Creating wonderful memories
Charter Cruises

Birthday parties, graduation anniversaries, girls' parties, business meetings and events, etc.
Why don't you create wonderful memories in a place a little different from usual?
The Grand Cruise offers the luxury of genuine leather seats.
We will create your thoughts and feelings with our pontoon boats.

Have a good time with your loved ones.

Enjoy conversation with friends, family, and other important people while cruising leisurely on the lake. Champagne and wine will be served in style.

Create a wonderful surprise!

How about a surprise to express your gratitude and blessings? With just a few simple decorations such as cute balloons, you can use it as a party venue. The party will be a memorable experience for both the celebrant and the recipient.

Wedding Venues.

The event content is flexible as the cruiser is chartered. It can also be used as a gorgeous wedding venue. The bride and groom can appear on a boat somewhere on Lake Biwa. We will respond to your ideas with custom-made services.

Home parties on board

You can have fun cruising around surrounded by the sweets each of you brings. You can use it like a mobile café. The boat is equipped with a Bluetooth-compatible audio system. By linking it to your smartphone, you can enjoy cruising while playing your favorite music.