Three-hour cruise to two power spots on Lake Biwa.

There is also a short movie at the bottom.

10:00 AM

Depart from the marina for the "White Beard Shrine."

Running at a cruising speed of about 25 to 35 km/h, the sunshine combined with the wind is very pleasant.

Unlike large sightseeing boats, the distance between the boat and the surface of the water is very close, allowing passengers to enjoy a realistic cruising experience.

10:40 AM

In about 40 minutes, you will arrive at the first power spot, Shirahage Shrine.

The shrine is dedicated to the god of longevity, as it is called Shirahige.

The water between Omi Maiko and this area is considered the cleanest in Lake Biwa, and many lake bathing and marine leisure activities are popular. Perhaps it is thanks to this god.

As you approach the shore, you can see the bottom of the lake. You can see that the water is quite clear.

We will go ashore temporarily because we are tired of being on the boat.

The special shape of this boat allows it to stay directly on the beach.

There were many people SUPing in the back. In summer, I want to dive in with a bang.

I don't do anything in particular, I just zoned out.

But this is the most luxurious use of time.

After having tasted the extraordinary, we will head to the next power spot.

11:00 AM Departure!

11:20 AM

In about 20 minutes, you will arrive at the second power spot.

A rock suddenly juts out in the middle of the offing. There are four islands in Lake Biwa, and this offshore white rock is one of them.

The water is about 80 meters deep at the boat's position, and about 20 meters above the water, which means that the water is about 100 meters vertically out from the bottom of the lake. It is a wonder how nature becomes like this.

It is very mysterious, with the remains of a shrine that is said to have been dedicated to prayers for safety on the lake.

As a result of many birds flying in and oxidizing with their feces, the rock has turned white and is called Shiroishi (white stone).

There may be many theories.

11:30 AM

Departing offshore white stone. Return to the marina at this point.

On the way, you will pass in front of Isakiji Temple, which is famous for the pole jumping from this pole (sao).

Then you will pass Okishima, an island inhabited by freshwater people, a rarity in the world.

Today, about 250 people still live on the island, which also has a post office and an elementary school.

12:50 AM

Returned to the marina.

Three hours with a sense of RESORT that you cannot experience on a large sightseeing boat.

Wind is the key to cruising to the north

Lake Biwa has high waves when the wind starts to blow.

Wind speed on Yahoo weather, etc.: 0 to 2 meters.

Other weather apps show wind speed 0-4 mph.

This area is usually the most comfortable place to travel by boat.

The wind speed was 1-2 m on this day, which was the best condition.

The maximum number of passengers on board is 12, but the more space on board, the easier it is to move around, so a 3-hour course can comfortably accommodate 6 to 8 passengers.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Please take a look at this short movie.