Maximum passenger capacity of 12

What shall we do with this resort-like, celebrity-like boat?

The boat is equipped with a gas-powered BBQ grill.

Sizzling meat on the water is super outdoorsy.

Please bring your own food and beverages.

It is also equipped with a refrigerator so you can pack your drinks and go cruising!

If it's a large cruise ship, you can't do 100%, put your feet up and get spick-and-span.

You can drown with your life jacket.

For those who want to change quickly, there is a changing room that unfolds with a single touch.

It is equipped with a monstrous 350 horsepower engine that can reach speeds of around 80 km/h if it is really pushed hard.

It is more open than a convertible car, so that alone is already a screaming attraction!

Not only for such an intense use, it is also cute to have a mini-party on the boat for girls' night out or birthday party💗.

It will be fun to spread out on the boat the snacks and sweets that everyone has brought in and just talk with the girls.

The use of this boat is flexible.

You can simply think of it as "renting a boat with a captain by the hour.

I think some of our customers have genius ideas when it comes to playing. LOL.

We welcome your advice on what we should do with our boats. We welcome any advice you may have.

We hope to build a new playground together with you.