Vessels in use

Open-deck vessels called pontoon boats are commonly used on resort lakes overseas. In the U.S., where they are home, these boats are popular for use in log cabin villas on lakes. The bottom of the boat has a structure called a trimaran, which consists of three log-like buoyant elements, and the boat is particularly resistant to side-to-side rolling. Therefore, it is majorly used as an offshore base for on-board parties and marine sports. Passenger capacity is 12 people.


Glam Cruises operates the REGENCY 250 LE3 SPORT, a top-end pontoon model equipped with a high-output V6 350 hp engine. It is a comfortable and liberating deck boat with high performance that can reach a maximum speed of approximately 80 km/h. It is a boat that combines both comfort and maneuverability.

Luxurious leather seats

The seats are made of soft cognac-colored leather that is comfortable to the touch. You will experience the impression of a celebrity just by sitting in the cabin. There is plenty of storage space under each seat and under the backrests. In addition, the table is detachable and can be arranged to suit your needs.

Bed space in rear

There is a bed space in the rear that can accommodate 3-4 adults relaxing side by side. It is also nice to relax and watch the water surface with a drink in hand. A simple privacy room (changing room) can be opened under the beds with a single touch, so you can use it with peace of mind even when you need to change your clothes for water sports or other activities.

BBQ support on board

The boat is equipped with a gas BBQ grill. There is no need to find a BBQ spot, no need to prepare a BBQ, and no need to make a messy charcoal fire. The best situation is to eat on the water, which is even better than the delicious BBQ you can enjoy outdoors!

Weber authentic BBQ gas grill

WEBER grills are used for safety in accordance with domestic gas safety standards. The enamel top lid allows heat to circulate throughout the entire grill for easy food preparation. Instead of grilling and eating meat on the grill, you can grill steaks and other foods and serve them on a plate and enjoy them at the table in a real BBQ style.

Equipped with freezers and refrigerators

We have a 30L refrigerator that can cool food and beverages with stable power from a 100V power supply. The standard capacity is 40 350ml bottles, 27 500ml PET bottles, and 6 2L PET bottles. The refrigerator is a one-room unit, so it can be either frozen or refrigerated.

Equipped with awning with electric opening and closing

While it is pleasant without a roof during travel with the wind, sunlight can be harsh when the boat is at a standstill. In such cases, the roof can be extended to create a large shade for comfort.

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