Guests from Hong Kong on a sightseeing trip

We had a 2-hour course to/from Marina Olive.

Spring travel to Japan is all about cherry blossoms

Kaizu-Osaki at the northernmost tip of Lake Biwa is famous for its cherry blossoms, but this time, the cherry blossoms on Okishima Island, which can only be reached by boat

It is not large, but there are few people, so it is quiet and relaxing.

Go straight to Isakiji's pole vaulting.

Crossing Lake Biwa from east to west to Shirahige Shrine

Visit Shirahige Shrine, with a history of over 2,000 years, from offshore

The bed space where everyone is seated on the way home for some reason.

We had a little extra time, so we went around the Lake Biwa Bridge and returned to the marina.

It was a perfect two-hour cruise.

We are glad that the timing of your trip to Japan and the cherry blossoms were just right.

Recently, we have been receiving an increasing number of cruise passengers from regions such as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Many of them have been to Japan several times, but this time they wanted to see a more in-depth view of the country.

Lake Biwa is said to be the third oldest lake in the world and is larger than the area of all 23 wards of Tokyo.

Shiga is also close to Kyoto, which is rich in history, so I hope everyone will come here as often as possible.