Boarding Information

Passenger capacity: 12

We count children as one person for the purpose of safe operation.

As a rule, one guardian (adult) is required for every two children under 12 years old.

Example: 4 adults + 8 persons under 12 years old (total of 12 persons) are allowed on board.

*If you do not meet the above conditions, please contact us for a consultation.

Minors are not allowed to board the ship alone.

Pregnant women and infants are not allowed on board.

There is no age limit for children as long as they meet the following requirements for wearing a life jacket

Three types of life jackets for children

Size S: Height 80 to 100cm / Weight 10kg to 15kg

Size M: Height 100-120cm / Weight 15kg-25kg

Size L: Height 120 - 150cm / Weight 25kg - 40kg

Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket for Adults

Girth 70-100 cm

The above specifications are the values indicated by the manufacturer.

In fact, the adjustment range is wide enough to accommodate a wide range of adjustments.

Life jackets must be worn.

Automatic inflatable waist belt for adults / vest type for children

There is also a vest type (orange) that can be used by adults.

Regardless of the reason, passengers who are unable to properly wear a life jacket will not be allowed on board.

Life jackets are allowed, but only those certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) with the cherry blossom mark.

If the automatic inflatable life jacket is activated due to the customer's carelessness or intentional actuation, the customer will be billed separately for the cost of replacement gas, etc.

For lake bathing guests

Never swim in lakes where the water is too deep for your feet to reach. Children should be fitted with life jackets whenever possible. The life jackets used for boating are not allowed to be used for lake bathing. We recommend that you bring your own life jacket, which may cost a few thousand yen.

The water depth under the engine part of the boat on the beach is already around 2 meters.

Adults and children alike are advised to enjoy lake bathing with caution and safety.


Dogs are not allowed on board.

Any breed of dog is acceptable.
However, dogs (breeds) with violent temperaments are not allowed on board for safety reasons.

In addition, they must be appropriately vaccinated.

○Doggies are required to wear manner pants.

We do not provide this service, so please bring one that fits your body shape by yourself.

Life jackets for dogs are optional.

We do not provide this service, so please bring your own if you are concerned.


The tour will be cancelled in the event of rain.

We will contact customers who have made reservations as soon as we decide to cancel the event.

Please note that the boat may get wet due to sudden waves or rain. Please be aware of this before boarding the boat.

No compensation will be provided for damage to your baggage such as clothes, cell phones, bags, etc. Please board at your own risk.

If there is any behavior that interferes with the safety of the operation, we will immediately stop the operation.

Smoking is not permitted on board.

If the cruise is deemed unsafe to continue due to sudden deterioration of weather conditions, etc., the cruise will be cancelled even if requested to do so.

There are no restrooms on board. Please use the restroom before boarding.

For restrooms on long cruises, head to the nearest available public restroom, etc.

Parking at the marina (west marina olive) is available for a fee. 1,100 yen/vehicle

Please come in a vehicle whenever possible, as the number of vehicles is limited.

Closed on marina holidays (Thursdays).

We are a registered operator of coastal tramper services under the Maritime Transportation Law. We operate safely in compliance with laws and regulations.

We are an invoice-qualified business.

Guests will not be allowed to enter the marina or board the vessel if any of the following conditions apply

  • (1) Boryokudan, boryokudan members, persons who have not been boryokudan members for five years, quasi-boryokudan members, persons affiliated with boryokudan, general assemblymen and other antisocial forces (hereinafter referred to as "boryokudan, etc.").
  • (ii) Juridical persons or other organizations or their members over which Boryokudan, etc., control business activities.
  • (iii) A corporation or a member of a corporation of which an officer is a member of a crime syndicate, etc.