RESORT CAFE AFUMI attached to glamping facility

The location is perfect with a beautiful view in front of you.

Three friendly men from Aichi, Japan

Departure from the cafe for a 60-minute cruise to Shirahige Shrine & Shiraishi off the coast.

It was a perfect day for a cruise with mild weather!

After departure, everyone took turns driving the boat after crossing the restricted navigation zone!

Customers do not need a marine license to drive.

You will operate the steering wheel under the captain's direction.

Is this Hawaii? Guam?

Resort shirts with such a reflection are stylish!

Commemorative photo at the Otorii (Grand Gate) of Shirahige Shrine

The view from this side of the ship is a privilege!

Offshore white stone towering in the middle of Lake Biwa at a depth of more than 80 meters

A good friend mens trip would be nice!

Please come aboard Grand Cruise Lake Biwa again when you visit Lake Biwa.

CAFE AFUMI (Kitakomatsu, Otsu City), easily accessible from Lake Biwa Terrace and Biwako Hakodateyama

The buses depart from and arrive at the beach in front of the cafe here on a reservation basis.

We offer a variety of cruising plans including a 30-minute Shirahige Shrine Cruise.

Please use Grand Cruise Lake Biwa (charter specialty) when you come to Lake Biwa for a trip or a date.

Reservations must be made at least one day in advance for boarding.

Please contact us through Grand Cruise Lake Biwa official LINE, email, instagram DM, etc.