Rin, a Shiba Inu staying at Glamping AFUMI

Before check-in, the guests took advantage of a 90-minute cruise.

Departure from AFUMI - Shirahage Shrine - Oki no Shiraishi - Takage Island - Arrival at AFUMI

First time on a boat and a little nervous.

Visit Shirahige Shrine from the offshore side

The customary dog-captain experience

Captain Lin stares at the map and freezes.

But they did their best.


It was a rare calm day in the afternoon.

Except for the undertow of my boat, the lake surface is like a mirror.

It was a fantastic view with clouds reflected in the sky.

multifaceted island

Chikubushima (竹生島) is often mistaken for Chikubujima (竹生島) because it begins with the word "bamboo".

This is Take Island, which is written as "Island of Many Sceneries.

Takage Island seen from the west has a lovely Ghibli-like appearance.

Sorry about the island, but it's not pretty at all from the east side.

If anything, it's a little creepy.

Rin-chan was nervous at first, but she got used to it from the middle.

They were leaning back and enjoying the wind and scenery.

Grand Cruise Lake Biwa for the same experience with your dog.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard.